About the Founder - Monique Jeremiah

Model - Entrepreneur - International Beauty Queen

Monique Jeremiah model Mon Cheri Lashes
Mon Cheri Lashes was founded by Monique Jeremiah, a true classic female entrepreneur, international beauty queen (2017 Miss Power Woman Australia winner) and agency signed and freelance Australian Eurasian model. In the modelling world, Monique proudly challenges stereotypes of today's model, by being highly multicultural (an exotic mix of European and Asian culture), curvier and shorter than most models and entering the modelling industry at a later age.
With traditional values, she represents both the modern ambitious female and the classic Hollywood bombshell who turns heads. With an innovative and passionate heart, she is proud to be a woman and is highly driven to empower other women to be confident.
She believes a lady can be absolutely beautiful without the need for botox. True confidence comes from within and you can see it in her eyes.
She believes that every lady should always embrace her natural beauty and do so with no apology. She believes that every lady should aim to be beautiful, yet never compromise her dignity, ambition, intelligence, integrity and kindness towards others. In her eyes, a truly beautiful lady is simply graceful. 

"Be the darling you were always meant to be!"  ~ Monique Jeremiah

  Monique Jeremiah Mon Cheri Lashes model

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