Mon Cheri Lashes - About Us

Mon Cheri Lashes is an Australian owned magnetic eyelashes company.  Designed for the ambitious yet glamorous lady, Mon Cheri Lashes specialises in high quality magnetic eyelashes. Our lashes are elegant, sophisticated and aim to bring back the classic style of the Hollywood starlets . Our lashes are also easy to use, convenient for any occasion, can be worn time and time again and come in a stunning diamante carry case so that you can take them anywhere anytime with you. Mon Cheri Lashes are simply the perfect eyelashes for those ladies who always wish to look alluring with the most dramatic and captivating eyelashes. With a passion for promoting femininity Mon Cheri Lashes aims to make any lady, regardless of her age or background, to exude confidence, class and effortless beauty all day, every day.

Our Values 

Monique Jeremiah Mon Cheri Lashes

1. To make every lady feel exquisitely beautiful by amplifying her beauty

2. To make every lady feel exceptional confidence in herself when she enters any room

3. To make every lady exude kindness and strength in her eyes

4. To make every lady remember she is a lady and never make an apology for being a lady

Our Mission

Mon Cheri Lashes aims to be the leader in magnetic eyelashes in Australia through offering the highest quality, reusable and simple-to-use non-glue lashes which any lady can take wherever she goes! Mon Cheri Lashes aims to be the magnetic eyelashes brand that every lady needs and wants to make her feel her most glamourous, confident and head turning version of herself.