Mon Cheri Lashes - FAQs

Why Mon Cheri Lashes?

Mon Cheri is the French word for ‘’my darling’’ and that’s how we always treat every lady with our magnetic lashes here at Mon Cheri Lashes. As a female driven company we passionately support ladies in their pursuit of beauty and being a true lady. Therefore we will treat our ladies with the respect, care and elegance they deserve. Our products are carefully chosen and made from high quality, safe and long-lasting materials to ensure you can use our lashes anywhere from 30 to 40 times and enjoy the dramatic and stunning appeal of our lashes. Our lashes also come with a beautiful quality storage case to ensure you can store and care for your lashes and take them anywhere you.

How long-lasting are Mon Cheri Lashes magnetic lashes?

Mon Cheri Lashes are made with micro-magnets which are built to last all day long (approximately 10 hours a day) to suit the dynamic and business lifestyle of a lady. You can be rest assured that your eyelashes will stay on your natural lashes all day whether you’re at a special occasion, out in nature, running your business or building career or doing daily errands. Our lashes are made to last for multiple wears, they do not require any messy glue and they will stay on your eyes so you can work on the higher priorities in your life. As a lady, if you care for your lashes well, do not apply mascara or any other beauty products on them and store them in a cool, dry place and in our box,  you can expect to use up to 50 wears.

How do Mon Cheri Lashes magnetic lashes compare to other lashes on the market?

Ladies, if you do not have the time or budget to visit expensive lash salons every month, Mon Cheri Lashes are perfect for you. Our magnetic lashes are unique, easy to use, high quality lashes and with a little bit of practice you can be assured that you will absolutely love our lashes, just like our director who wears them absolutely everyday, all day, from morning until night.

With our advanced multiple magnetic design, you do not require any eyeliner or glue what so ever to apply your lashes. Mon Cheri Lashes are mess-free, convenient and so simple to use. You will wonder why you ever spent those dollars on expensive permanent lashes from lash salons. Mon Cheri Lashes can fit on your eyes like charm. You will just need to carefully mold our lashes to match your eye shape and if necessary trim them to suit your eyes.  Mon Cheri Lashes can be removed easily at the end of each day by carefully pealing them from your eyes, without removing or damaging your natural lashes. Our lashes are intended to last and are a great addition to your usual makeup tutorial.

How to apply your Mon Cheri magnetic lashes

To apply your magnetic lashes, simply imagine our magnetic lashes are the bread on a sandwich and your natural eyelashes are the cream cheese in the middle.

  1. Start applying your lashes from the inside of eyes and work your way to the outside of your eyes.
  2. First lay the top lashes set on top of your natural lashes and press down to carefully mold the lashes to your natural eye shape.
  3. Ensure that the magnet is face down.
  4. Ensure that you lay your magnetic lashes on the edge of your lashes and as close as possible to your eyelid
  5. Keeping your head tilted slightly up, next apply the bottom set of lashes from the inside of your eye to the edge of your eye.
  6. Carefully match and connect each magnet to each other, with your natural eyelashes placed in between the upper lash set and bottom lash set.
  7. Enjoy your magnetic lashes all day and gently peel them off at the end of each day.

Are magnetic lashes safe?

Yes Mon Cheri Lashes magnetic lashes they are totally safe and will not damage your natural lashes.

What are magnetic eyelashes made of?

Our Mon Cheri Lashes magnetic eyelashes are 3D and come with 2 or 3 dual magnets (depending on the style you order). The magnetic strip lashes are  made of synthetic hair and measure between 1cm to 1.5 cm in length. The band on the lashes are made from plastic cotton band. Each lash set is hand made and each set comes as 4 pieces. Because of the materials used, our magnetic lashes are long lasting  and can be used over and over again for your convenience and pleasure and do not require any glue or eyeliner for application. Our lashes are designed and made by experts in lashes and the beauty industry, therefore or products are the best quality that we promised.

Can I individually customize my magnetic lashes to fit me?

Yes, you can customize your Mon Cheri Lashes magnetic lashes by carefully trimming them down to fit your eye size and shape (of course make sure you do cut the magnets off).

Can I wear mascara with Mon Cheri Lashes magnetic lashes? 

Mon Cheri Lashes will effortlessly create a stunning and dramatic look for your eyes without the need for mascara. We do not recommend using any mascara over your Mon Cheri Lashes magnetic since it might affect its performance or long lasting wear.

Can I wear my Mon Cheri Lashes with other medical devices or during an MRI or in treatment process from medical eye condition?

As Mon Cheri Lashes magnetic lashes are made with magnetics, we highly recommend to not wear them inside the MRI or with other medical electronic devices, as it could possibly affect the medical results.

Does Mon Cheri Lashes damage my natural lashes?

Mon Cheri Lashes will not damage your natural lashes thanks to the amazing magnetic technology. As our lashes are made to be attached to the edge of your eyelid and eyelashes and require no glue this means that it will not affect, pull or grip your natural lashes or irritate your eyes at all. It is safe on skin and will preserve your natural eyelashes so they don’t all fall out.

Can I use lash serum with Mon Cheri Lashes? Or can I wear makeup with it?

Yes you can do both.

For best outcome, assure that the surface that you are putting on to is fully dry since lash serum will not leave any residual or film on the lashes.  It is safe to put Mon Cheri Lashes on after it dries. We recommend applying our magnetic lashes as your final step after you have completed your skin and beauty routine and make-up application to ensure lashes adhesion for best performance.

Can I swim with Mon Cheri Lashes on?

We recommend taking off your Mon Cheri Lashes off before any swimming or water sports to preserve its long lasting materials or to avoid any contamination with water pollutants.

Which Mon Cheri Lashes product will suit me best?

Mon Cheri Lashes come in a variety styles and thicknesses. As a lady you should choose whether you prefer the natural or the dramatic look to finish your beauty look. Most ladies come to Mon Cheri Lashes because they would like extravagant eyelashes which really stand out. For inspiration, check out our model and client photos and videos on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages and videos on our YouTube for a good idea on the size, length and thickness to help you make your lash decision.

If you have an enquiry about Mon Cheri Lashes please contact us via email at moncherilashesaustralia@gmail.com or please contact us via social media on Facebook or Instagram.