Mon Cheri Lashes - How to Apply Your Magnetic Lashes

To apply your magnetic lashes, simply imagine our magnetic lashes is the fluffy bread on a sandwich and your natural eyelashes is the delicate cream cheese in the middle.

  1. Start applying your lashes from the inside of eyes and work your way to the outside of your eyes.
  2. First lay the top lashes set on top of your natural lashes and press down to carefully mold the lashes to your natural eye shape.
  3. Ensure that the magnet is face down.
  4. Ensure that you lay your magnetic lashes on the edge of your lashes and as close as possible to your eyelid
  5. Keeping your head tilted slightly up, next apply the bottom set of lashes from the inside of your eye to the edge of your eye.
  6. Carefully match and connect each magnet to each other, with your natural eyelashes placed in between the upper lash set and bottom lash set.
  7. Enjoy your magnetic lashes all day and gently peel them off at the end of each day.